Headed by Image Consultant Eric White, the Personal Styling component offered by Damari is like none other.  

Our aim is to be able to provide style and image consulting services to all of our clients who want to create a personalized and individual lane in terms of appearance. Over his career, Eric has worked with the likes of Hollywood’s elite, Professional Athletes and many more, and aims to make these once exclusive offerings available to Damari clients on an as needed basis. 

Whether you are looking for ideas on what to wear when you want to make a statement at an event, or you just want to look your best on a daily basis, we are here to ensure that both ends of the spectrum are covered. 

Daily, weekly and monthly styling services 

Game Day Looks

Wedding Day Services

Closest re-conditionings

Red Carpet/Media Appearances

Fashion S.O.S. (Last minute needs)

Exclusive Access to limited edition items

Big & Tall Services